New pricing on the Mill One

It’s been about six months since we first started shipping our first Mill One desktop CNC machines, and we’ve learned a lot since then. With this new knowledge, we have been able to lower our cost of manufacture while increasing the quality of our products and customer service. The Mill One offers phenomenal value for […]

What is backlash?

With any screw driven mechanical positioning system, there is often some degree of slop or “backlash“, including the one used in the Mill One. To explain further, backlash occurs when there is a gap between the threads of the nut and the lead screw and the nut is allowed to move within the gap which […]

Milling a linoleum stamp

Milling materials like rubber and linoleum can be an interesting experience. Due to the elastic properties of these materials, some of the material will compress rather than being cut away by the bit or endmill the CNC is using.¬†Getting the right feeds and speeds took a little bit of time and patience to get good […]

Hamilton Maker Faire 2017 coming this Sunday

Mark your calendars, because Hamilton Maker Faire is coming up this Sunday, June 11th in Hamilton Ontario. Hamilton Maker Faire will bring together hundreds of makers to share projects and ideas, and we’ll be there to show off the Mill One V2. Learn more at the event page on Facebook. We were there last year […]

A new warranty for the Mill One

At this point we’ve shipped over a hundred Mill Ones, giving us a good look at how reliable our machines are and the quality of the parts that go into it. We’ve done our best to provide the best service to our customers as possible, and have made sure to help everyone get the most […]

A guide to picking end mills

One of the most daunting parts about owning a CNC machine is choosing which end mills to use. There are literally thousands of tools for every single application, some which cost a dollar or two, and some that can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. But when you learn about how end mills are […]


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