220V Router Delays

If you’re one of the 13 backers who are waiting on kits with 220V routers, we are still waiting on our UK supplier to receive new stock from Makita. In the meantime, they have offered to send us 4 routers which are in stock first. Thank you to the 13 backers for their amazing patience […]

We are attending Midwest Reprap Festival!

Midwest Reprap Festival coming up soon! Hosted in Goshen, Indiana, The MRRF brings thousands of makers around the world to share their reprap (replicating rapid-prototying) projects. We’ll be there to show off the Mill One all the other awesome projects we’re working on, because we love 3D printing too. This is the first time we […]

New parts received

New parts are in! We are working hard to start putting together a new batch of 120 units. We spent all day driving around picking up parts and visiting our manufacturers. New gantries, power supplies, cables, frames, rails, and fasteners are here ready to get kitted. It was pretty interesting to have Chris drive in […]

NBTC 2017

Chris and I attended NBTC 2017 this year with the gang at the Conrad Centre. NBTC (National Business and Technology Conference) held at the Omni Hotel in Toronto. We got to hear lots of cool talks, attend workshops, and of course, meet lots of people. A special congrats to Siobhan and and Daisy from our […]

Who are our users?

With survey data collected from our Kickstarter backers, we can now paint a picture on what type of people have purchased a Sienci Mill One. We asked every single backer (almost 90 people) to tell us what they do, and we compiled the data into groups for each industry. Here’s a pie chart that describes […]