The future of AI in design

On Thursday, we drove over to Toronto to the Mars Discovery District to attend a talk called The Future of Making Things: AI in Design and Manufacturing by Mike Haley, Senior Director, Machine Intelligence at Autodesk. It was exciting to hear about the new developments Autodesk in implementing artificial intelligence in design and manufacture and how these […]

3D printing news at Sienci Labs

The 3D printers are back running again at full tilt! Our printers have been working on and off over the last few weeks since we ran out of 3D printer filament, but now with a shipment of 30kg of filament, we’re churning out parts as quickly as we can. While we ordered 50 kg of […]

New packaging designs coming soon

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been working with a fellow we met through our mentor, Don Thompson, from the Accelerator Centre, connected us to in designing new custom packaging and co-packing solutions to help us manage our logistics. Rolando De Leon  has been working in the packaging and logistics business for over 12 years. Not only […]

Maker Meetup at MyShop

Josh from MyShop Makerspace hosts the community maker meetup in Kitchener Waterloo every few weeks, and he invited us to bring over our machine last night! It was fantastic to meet a whole bunch of makers from the makers and see their projects, as well as talking with a variety of people who either backed us […]

Waiting on 240V routers

Kickstarter backers who have requested a 240V router, our supplier has told us that the estimated date which they will be sent to us will be March 6th. This means that 13 of our backers may be receiving their pledge rewards slightly later than we anticipated. We will be shipping these kits immediately after we […]