CamLab Alpha Release Announcement

For the past year, we’ve been putting in a lot of work to further improve how all of you can experience the Mill One. Today, we are thrilled to announce our first venture into custom software.

Introducing: CamLab

CamLab –

CamLab is powered by Kiri:Moto, taking everything that Kiri already does and making it better. We’ve made the whole interface cleaner and more responsive so that anyone can create and output gcode for 2D engraving, 2.5D profiles, and 3D reliefs to a variety of CNC routers with ease.

New features, such as:
– a platform orientation arrow
– tool origin visualization
– toolpath colorization for clearer preview
– “Snap to top” functionality
– larger tool library
have already been implemented with even more features on the way 

Since we’re starting our Alpha, there might be a few bugs here or there; but once we’re happy with your feedback, expect a full release with even more features in the near future.

Happy making everyone! blank