Hey there! Thanks for trying CAMLab‘s Alpha release.

CAMLab is a simple yet powerful CNC CAM program that runs entirely within your browser. Create and output gcode for 2D engraving, 2.5D profiles, and 3D reliefs to a variety of CNC routers with ease.

Machine support includes all of our own Mill One machines as well as:

  • Carvey
  • Nomad
  • Shapeoko
  • X-carve
  • Or any other GRBL, LinuxCNC,
    or TinyG enabled machines

Powered by Gridspace’s Kiri:Moto, CAMLab adds a revamped UI that’s cleaner and more responsive, along with several new features:

  • Platform orientation arrow
  • Tool origin visualization
  • Toolpath colorization for clearer preview
  • “Snap to top” functionality
  • Larger tool library

Want to give feedback or report a bug on CAMLab? Email Chris at chris_thorogood@sienci.com.

Contents for this page are still under development so stay tuned.