Kickstarter Progress Update #10

This update was originally posted on Kickstarter: Hey everyone. Here’s another update. We have started shipping! Can you believe it?!? This is a pretty big milestone for us, as it means we’ve ironed out enough kinks to finally get a machine out the door. Here’s some things you should know. – We’ve gotten in […]

Progress Update #9

Original post: It’s been a heck of a journey up to this point. LongMill LongBoards are finally here We’ve been holding our breaths for these boards to finally arrive. They are finally here! We’ll be doing the final assembly, QA, testing, and assembly for the boards before we pack them into kits.   Final board […]

Kickstarter Progress Update #5 and #6

I forgot to post up the new updates on the blog. Here they are. You can find the latest updates on Kickstarter page here: Progress Update #5 We have a lot of news, a lot of updating to do!  I will cover some of the details on how production is going for the LongMill. […]

Kickstarter progress update #4

Original Kickstarter update here: Some progress, some delays I’m happy to say that production is moving smoothly for the most part, with the exception of a couple of different parts that we’re still waiting for. I’ll start off with all the things that are going to slow down production before I fill you guys […]

Kickstarter Progress Update #3

Original post here: More news, more progress… Wow, one and a half or two weeks goes by so fast. Stuff in production/ordered Here are the things that we’ve ordered: – Motors – 3D printer filament – Some of the fasteners – Lead screws, pulleys, couplers, bearings, collars, acme nuts, and other transmission parts – […]