G-code Senders

Last Update: 24 October 2019
Documentation in Progress

This part of the resources is still a work in progress, please be patient while I take the time to finish it in the coming days -Chris

To control your CNC machine, you need a G-code sender. This piece of software allows you to:

  • Send g-code
  • Jog your machine
  • Change and view firmware settings

Some also allow you to:

  • Preview your g-code
  • Adjust your feed rate on the fly
  • Use a corner finding touch plate
  • Use macros
  • And more!

We recommend using UGS Platform. This is an open-source program developed by Will Winder. You can download it here: https://winder.github.io/ugs_website/download/

Detailed instructions on how to use UGS Platform can be found here: https://winder.github.io/ugs_website/guide/platform/

If you have purchased a LongMill, your machine will be pre-configured and will not require the Setup Wizard.

There are also many other g-code senders that you can use. They can be found in the GRBL documentation here: https://github.com/gnea/grbl/wiki/Using-Grbl

Please note that many of these programs have not been tested by us, so please use at your own discretion.