Last Update: 25 March 2020


After shipping nearly 400 LongMills from our first batch, we have made small, incremental updates to the design of the LongMill. Although the design and appearance of a small number of components have changed, the overall assembly of the two different versions of the machines remains the same. If there are differences between the two versions, it will be indicated with “Version 1” or “Version 2” in the caption.

If you received a LongMill before March 2020, then you will most likely have a Version 1 machine. If you received a LongMill after March 2020, then you will most likely have a Version 2 machine.


LongMill V2 Assembly Video Series

If you’d prefer to assemble your machine while following along with a video rather than reading the instructions, check out this impromptu, follow-along, assembly video series that Chris put together.


Tools you need

Before you get started, here is a list of tools you should have on hand for assembly. Most people will have these tools in their shop:

  • Metric Allen keys or a drill and Allen driver bits
  • Pliers or metric wrenches (only for version 1)
  • A small flat head screwdriver
  • Rubber mallet (optional)

The LongMill comes with a lot of parts, but we’ve organized them to make it as easy as possible to find and put everything together; each kit comes with several cartons.

For the complete BOM, visit: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1o4196MmMsYC8ZL_g6McnO9MoaPllH6LNCJlDifFEhhk/edit?usp=sharing

LongMill V2 Unboxing

Please note that the carton layout may vary. Carton #2 is a bubble mailer.

Top Carton #1

Our first carton comes with stickers and a welcome letter with links to resources and safety information. If you ordered your machine with end mills or other parts, you may find them in here.

Top Carton #2

Our second carton holds our steel gantries and XZ gantry assembly. Inside you will find the XZ gantry assembly and Y-axis gantries.

Top Carton #3

Our third carton holds several different items, including router mount and the LongMill’s controller. If you ordered your machine with any add-ons, such as the dust shoe, end mill add-on pack, or touch plate, you should find them here.

Top carton #4

Our fourth carton will hold your Makita router if you ordered one. If not, it will be empty.

NEMA 23 Motors

Under carton #1 and #2, you will find a box containing the motors and wires.

Bottom Carton #1

Working our way through to the bottom cartons, our first carton holds all of the rails, lead screws, and drag chains.

Bottom Carton #2

In Bottom Carton #2, you will find your power supply and AC cable, USB cable, Z-axis motor mount plate, as well as bags holding all the fasteners and smaller components for your LongMill.

Bottom carton #3

In our final carton, you will find all of your 3D printed parts.


LongMill V1 Unboxing

Top Carton #1

When you first open the top carton #1 it should look like this:

This box includes:

  • A welcome page with safety guidelines on the back
  • Some assorted stickers, including long ones for the LongMill and some with Louis on the machine, Andy’s dog and our unofficial mascot and CEO
  • parts for the dust shoe (if you ordered it) including two hardware bags (one for assembling the dust shoe and one for mounting it), a backing plate, and 2 aluminum extrusions.
  • The touch plate in the yellow padded envelope (if you ordered it)
  • The end mill add on pack (if you ordered your machine through Kickstarter)
  • Aluminum router mount (in the size you requested)
  • Hardware bag #1 which contains:

    • M8-25 (x12)
    • M8 hex nut (x12)
    • M5-25 (x35)
    • M5-12 (x5)
    • M5 nylock nut (x35)
    • M5 washer (x14)
    • M4-16 (x10)
    • M4 hex nut (x10)
  • Hardware bag #2 which contains:
    • V-wheel (x12)
    • 608zz flange bearing (x8)
    • Delrin block nut (x4)
    • Pulleys and belts (x2)
    • ACME locking nut with M3 set screw (x4)
    • 1/4″ to 8mm coupler (x3)
  • Hardware bag #3 which contains:

    • M8-16 (x30)
    • M8 washer (x4)
    • M5-50 (x12)
    • Aluminum standoff (x12)
    • 1.25”, 1.5”, and 2” board screws (x10 each)
    • Eccentric nut (x6)
  • Three unthreaded motors (X & Y axis) and one threaded motor (Z axis)
  • The power brick with its AC power cable inside a white cardboard box
  • A bagged USB cable (type A to type B)
  • The electronic control box protected by grey padded foam (the three orange components won’t be there for most machines)


Top Carton #2

When you open the top carton #2 it should look like this:

This box includes:

  • The whole range of 3D printed parts, listed from left-to-right and top-to-bottom:
    • Back feet pair
    • Front feet pair
    • Drag chain mount
    • Shoulder brackets (x2)
    • Middle feet (x3 for the 30×30 and x1 otherwise)
    • Drag chain foot
    • Z-axis mount
  • XZ-gantry sub-assembly protected within a padded envelope
  • Z motor plate, a piece of 1/8″ thick steel protected by paper wrapping
  • Two Y-axis gantries, both pieces of 1/4″ thick steel protected by paper wrapping


Top Carton #3

If you ordered a Makita Router with your Longmill it can be found here, if not this box will remain empty to help keep top cartons #1 and #2 secure during shipping.

The following pages in the assembly section will guide you through how all these parts will fit together to make your LongMill. You should find that each major step is self-explanatory, but the required parts and quantities will still be written as an additional reference.