Y-Axis Gantries

Last Update: 10 October 2019

Assembling the Y-Axis Gantries

Assembling the Delrin v-wheels onto the Y-axis gantries

Parts needed:

  • 8pcs Delrin v-wheels
  • 8pcs M5-25mm screws
  • 8pcs M5 washers
  • 4pcs eccentric nuts

Grab the Y-axis gantries (wrapped in paper) and you’ll see four holes on each steel plate in a square formation. Add the wheel sub-assemblies to these holes just like how you just did it for the X-axis gantry, make sure that one is assembled as the mirror of the other.

Install the eccentric nuts into the top two holes.
Make sure to put a washer to keep the v-wheel spaced between the gantry plate
Screw on the wheels for the eccentric nuts.
Assemble the bottom two wheels with M5-nylock nuts
Make sure you have both plates done, but with the wheels on opposite sides.

Assembling the Delrin anti-backlash nuts onto the Y-axis plate

Parts needed

  • 2pcs Delrin anti-backlash nuts (prepared in a previous step)
  • 4pcs M5-25mm screws

On the Y-axis plates, there are two holes on the plate for the Delrin anti-backlash nuts. Line up the nuts and secure them to the plate using the M5-25mm screws. Note that they should be mounted on the same side as the Delrin v-wheels, and have the screw used for tensioning facing outwards.

Repeat the process on both sides.

The Delrin nuts go on the same side as the v-wheels do.
Tighten until snug. Don’t overtighten!
Both sides should be mirrored.

Assembling the X-axis motor onto the Y-axis plate

Parts needed:

  • NEMA 23 motor
  • Right side Y-axis gantry
  • 3D printed Y-axis drag chain clip-on mount
  • 4pcs 35mm spacers
  • 4pcs M5-50mm screws
  • 4pcs M5-nylock nuts

Make sure you start with the right Y-axis gantry.

Make sure you start with the same gantry for mounting the motor.

Start by putting the M5-50mm screws and spacers onto the NEMA 23 motor as shown in the photo.

This part can be a little bit finicky.

Carefully line up the screws into the four holes in the Y-axis gantry. Drop the motor, screws, and standoffs into place. Take note of the position of the motor connector and what side of the plate you are mounting it onto (the side with the wheels).

We recommend having the motor connector facing up and to the left, like in the photo.

Use the four M5-nylock nuts to secure the M5-50mm screws.

This step might be a bit easier if you screw on the nuts part of the way with your fingers first and then finish tightening them down.

Next, clip on the 3D printed Y-axis drag chain clip-on mount. We’ve found that it is easiest if you clip on one side onto the standoff, then swivel the other side onto the next standoff.

Clipping one side on and then the other works well.

Once everything is finished getting put together, it should look like this!

Your part should now look like this.