How can we get in touch?

We provide quick and dedicated general technical support which can be accessed through our Contact Us Page. Up-to-date details about our phone and address can be found there.

Our support staff is made up of multiple people working in different areas of our company. We believe in a flat-level hierarchy of support. This means that if you need help with shipping, you’ll most likely be in touch with one of our shipping managers who printed your shipping label, or if you have a technical issue, one of the engineers that designed or worked on the project that produced the product you’re working with. We require most of our upper management staff to provide customer support on a regular basis.

We believe this is the best way to do things as it gives us a chance to improve our products, services, and processes, and helps to motivate our team to have a better understanding of how we can help our customers.

Notes about contacting us through our Contact Form versus Email

I just wanted to put a small note about our support systems that are in place. Over the last few years, we have moved away from using our emails to provide support to a ticketing system that is faster, more concise, and more efficient for both us and the customer. Some benefits include being able to:

  • Pull up past tickets and correspondence that might help with providing ongoing support.
  • Share issues with multiple members of our support staff, as multiple members can read and make notes in a single ticket directly.
  • Pull up order and customer data directly from our integrated eCommerce and database, to make it easier to see which products you are using and which versions or generations you have.
  • Keep track of our support performance metrics.
  • Share additional content such as articles and videos related to your support requests.

This also benefits you as a customer, since:

  • We have multiple dedicated staff answering questions, rather than one person checking our inbox. This means that most tickets are replied to significantly faster than if you were to email us directly.
  • There is less chance that your email will be missed or sent to spam, as we receive hundreds of emails per week.
  • You get the best and fastest support available.

I’d like to encourage all customers to use our Contact Form so that we can continue to provide the best support to you.