What is the LaserBeam?

The Sienci LaserBeam is a powerful, high-quality, plug-and-play laser system for the LongMill. The LaserBeam is specifically designed to get you engraving and cutting laser-safe material with your CNC machine in minutes.

The LaserBeam system was designed based on feedback from our customers who asked us to provide a plug-and-play laser engraving and cutting option for the LongMill. The LaserBeam focuses on:

  • Simple to install. Setting up the LaserBeam takes 20-30 minutes to install on a standard LongMill and comes with excellent resources, videos, and support (https://resources.sienci.com/view/lb-unboxing/).
  • High performance and quality. The LaserBeam uses the industry’s highest power single diodes (up to 7 watts of optical power), allowing users to cut up to 1/4″ in wood and engrave hundreds of laser-safe materials such as wood, leather, and paper.