LongMill MK2 Configurator

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  1. Hello Chris. I have been stuck with the programming. I can move the router with the laptop, zero it out with touch plate. but can’t seem to get the designs loaded into the program. I did get one but it’s backwards . I have also broken 2 bits already. I like the machine but I’m stuck.

  2. The machine itself is great, great hardware, very sturdy.
    Squaring can be difficult, including a jig for the proper distance between legs would be extremely helpful and achieved with a piece of either wood or metal.

  3. During assembly the X axis lead screw would not thread through any of the anti backlash blocks. Turns out the screw was mis-threaded. I paid for a new screw and blocks plus shipping for something that should have worked from the start. Then after finally getting it assembled the screw kept coming out of the coupler no matter how tight I tightened the screw. Once again I ordered some new couplers for fear of over tightening the screw to get it to stay on. It still would not stay in no matter how hard I tightened. At this point I submitted a contact support form with info about the screw and never heard back. I finally gave up and epoxied the screw to the coupler to get it to stay. Not happy I had to pay extra to try and get it to work and horrible customer support.

  4. No bracket for my 43mm Mafell router, and the sensor kit can’t be easily mounted (I’ll need to design parts and 3D print them for Z and Y axes). Also, haven’t finished assembling, already see rust on my Z rails. The machine needs work but it’ll do what I need it to, just didn’t expect to have those issues.

  5. Have not had a chance to set up yet life got busy