LongMill MK2 Configurator

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  1. good machine for the price

  2. My longmill looks like it’s going to be great. Don’t have my spindel yet to try it.

  3. Easy to assemble and use!

  4. great to assembled

  5. Let me first clarify, my rating could be a 5, it’s only my 2nd entry level CNC machine and although I am very experienced with small scale wood working equipment I’m still naive when it comes to entry level CNC router machines IMO. But…
    solid materials, easily assembled. It’s apparent these guys had some engineering education and drive. Don’t have to be a jet mechanic to assemble, though I am one. It’s talked about even at Sienci Labs as a hobby machine but I have run it steady from day one for at least 2-3 hours per day often more on products I sell.

    I use gSender and create my gcode from Carbide Create with no problems. I tried an Xbox controller but it’s not as smooth as the screen controls on my laptop, don’t know how I could explain that better.

    So I’m honestly shy about what I could say about my the Longmill or gSender for that matter. My “other” CNC is a Shapeoko 3xl. As you might already know you mostly need to use Carbide Motion to run gcode files (from Create). I say mostly because I tried to use gSender to run files from Create and it was really wonky and I didn’t want to troubleshoot why. And still don’t want to know why.

    And so back to my initial review of the Longmill as requested from Sienci Labs. I purchased the Auto Zero gizmo and it is very accurate. I zeroed sooooo many times on my Shapeoko with the paper method and really thought I knew how to be accurate and not purchase a touch plate. I thought I knew better. Yesterday I used the AutoZero with a surfacing bit and it really bared down on the plate. Probably operator error. The rest of the day I used paper but only on that bit. On many zero’ing fuctions it hasn’t failed on any of my end mills. I’ve tried it on several V-bits nervous that it would bear down and hurt the bit but no, it was fine. Soon I’ll be getting back to more V-carves but I’ll make sure there are solid connections with plate and magnet.

    Sorry, I don’t perform 3d carving so I can’t comment on that. No doubt the Longmill would move along nicely with those cut files.

    I did purchase the dust pick up gizmo and installed the bracket, haven’t used the full attachment because I use my 3d printed dust boot I created for my Shapeko and it’s what I need right now for my projects. No doubt it will work when I get back to some sign engraving. It’s very well designed. And no, my 3d printed dust boot for 65mm routers is not available. It’s mine, all mine, my precious!

    If you are window shopping for an entry level machine and ready to “take the leap” then I can say with confidence this young/energetic Canadian shop will meet your needs. I would purchase this machine all over again should my small productions needs increase. Good luck, happy machining.