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More Projects

Below you can find some of our custom-made starter projects. We've made these to help you start cutting many types of materials on your Mill One. If you've got similar materials on hand, use our provided g-code to cut your own! If not, you can still get the 3D model and put it through CAM yourself. We hope that they're both informative and inspirational for whatever projects you end up making next!

Tons of members in our community have gotten straight to making on their Sienci Mill One. Their projects can be found on our Community Facebook Group where members share their machine experiences, endorse projects that they think are neat, and post projects that they've made.

If you have no experience with 3D modelling, another great online resource for downloading freely available models is! Search and download whatever you want to make on your Mill One without requiring a membership.

Happy making!


A nice enclosure and a great starting project for the woodworker at heart.
Learn tips on how to mill this beautiful but brittle plastic.
Start using the hardest material in the Mill One's capability range.