Sienci Mill One V2 Manual/ Welcome!


Hello there! Congratulations on purchasing your Sienci Mill One V2. This manual will be your comprehensive guide on everything you need to know to start milling with your Mill One. Everything will be covered: CNC basics, the assembly of your machine, and understanding how to use and maintain it. Thank you for helping us make automated manufacturing technologies accessible for everyone. You are now on a journey with us to change the future of manufacturing.

Join our community of makers and creators on our Facebook group where other Mill One owners post questions and answers about their machine, topics they've found interesting, machine modifications, and things they've made! Finally, before you dive in, please read our Safety Manual; we’d like to make sure that you are always staying safe around your machine so that you can enjoy it while getting the most out of it.

As soon as you're ready, use the buttons below to navigate step-by-step or use the sidebar if you want to quickly travel to a desired page. We hope you enjoy your experience with the Sienci Mill One V2, and we’re excited to see what amazing creations you make next!

-The Sienci Labs Team