Anti Backlash Nut Kit

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This modification kit increases your Mill One’s precision, perfect for high precision applications such as PCB milling and model making. Each kit comes with three sets of anti-backlash nuts.


  • x3 Spring-loaded anti-backlash nuts
  • x3 ACME nut mounts
  • x12 M3-12mm socket head cap screws
  • x12 M3 nuts

Instructions for assembly are on the package, as pictured.

*ACME leadscrew in photo not included.

*Color of 3D printed parts may vary

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This kit provides a drop-in replacement to standard ACME nuts on the Mill One V1, V2, and V3 machines. Using a spring-loaded, dual-nut system removes backlash due to wear in the machine’s linear motion system and ensures long-term machine precision. This upgrade is recommended for users who use their Mill One for high precision applications.

Notes on assembly:

  • Both halves of the nut interlock with each other. Ensure that both halves sit together as shown in the photo (spring removed to make it easier to see).

  • It may be easier to install if you remove the lead screw first and thread it into the anti-backlash nut.
  • The spring can sometimes shoot the back part out!
  • The photo below shows a correctly installed anti-backlash nut.


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