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Crafters End Mill Set


The perfect pack for the crafter in you! The Crafters End Mill Set provides a taste of our more advanced bits perfect for advanced 2D and 3D cutting. These bits take extra consideration when using, so we recommend these bits to more advanced users.

1/2″ Round Groove Bit – Bowl and tray cutting, for rounded bottom edges on their projects

1/4″ Compression Bit – 2D cutting on materials like plywood which are prone to splintering

1/8″ Tapered Ball End Mill – Advanced and high detail 3D relief cutting

1/16″ Flat Downcut End Mill – High detail letter cutting and general high detail 2D and 3D CNC projects



Set Includes:

Appx value of $92CAD if purchased separately

Additional information

Weight 0.258 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 3 × 1 in