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Custom Cutting Service For LongMill Rails


Wanting a custom size on your LongMill? We will cut your rails and lead screws to a specific size. We’ll cut your rails and lead screws down to a smaller size for a fee. This fee covers additional processing costs associated in custom cutting and checking sizes outside of our standard offerings.

Please note:

  • Rails can only be cut down from a standard size we already provide
  • There are no returns, refunds, or cancellations on machines with custom-length rails
  • Please add up to two weeks for additional turnaround time for your machine
  • The ends of cut leadscrews may be hand-ground and may have a slightly less consistent chamfer on each end. This is only cosmetic and does not affect the assembly and performance of the machine. We check the sizing and fit of surfaces before packing.
  • Packaging for your machine may vary compared to our standard sizes. We don’t provide specific resources for custom sizes. We recommend following the direction provided on the resources for standard sizes and adjusting the position of items such as drag chains and wiring as needed for your machine.


  • Choose X-Axis Rail Length (include units) *

  • Choose Y-Axis Rail Length (include units) *



  1. Choose the X and Y rail lengths that you want for your machine. This is the actual length of the rail we will cut to, not the actual working area of the machine you will receive.
  2. Add the LongMill to your cart which corresponds with the size larger than the size that you want us to cut down to. To check approximate rail and machine dimensions, please see the drawings.


You can estimate the total working area by subtracting the width of the gantry from the length of the rail. For example, the MK2 XZ Gantry which runs on the X-rail is a little less than 7 inches wide. If your rail is cut to 32 inches long, then your working area on the X-axis should be around 25 inches.

Approximate sizes:

X -gantry width: 6.7in

Y-gantry width: 4.8in

X-rail (12×30 and 30×30): 39in

X-rail (48×30): 57in

Y-rail (30×30 and 48×30): 39in

Y-rail (12×30): 19.3in


Additional information

USMCA Preferential Duty?

Preferential Duty, Yes