Laser Accessories


This order page lets you order additional add-ons for your laser. If you wish to order accessories and have it shipped with a previous LaserBeam order, please include a note with your order number to request the shipments to be merged and we will refund you the shipping.


Safety Glasses

Laser safety glasses are a must for the safe operation of the LaserBeam and other laser equipment. These laser safety glasses are tested for use with “blue lasers” with a wavelength of 445nm and offer an optical density of OD 7+.

Safety Glasses

Protection Range200-500 nm
Optical Density within Protection RangeOD 7+

Laser Focusing Lenses

Focal length

When we talk about focal length for focusing the laser, we are talking about the point where the beam of the laser is at its finest. This is the most optimal point for cutting and engraving as it allows the full power of the laser to be concentrated at the finest point. Depending on your lens, your focal point can vary from very close (30mm) to very far (85mm). A lens with a long focal length works best for high precision engraving and uneven materials, as the beam’s diameter varies less over its distance, whereas a lens with a shorter focal length loses less power over the distance it travels from the diode to the material, making it better for cutting and high power applications.


Some of the power from the laser diode is lost as it reflects off or passes through the lens as well as when it passes through the air. Depending on the lens design, the number of lens elements it has, and the amount of distance the laser beam needs to travel through the air (based on its focal length), the overall efficiency of the lens can vary.

G2 Lens (30mm focal length)

The G2 Lens boasts an efficiency of  95% but reduced precision by increasing the beam profile and divergence. This lens maximizes the power of the diode, ideal for rapid close-range burning and cutting.

G7 Lens (85mm focal length)

The G7 lens has an 88% efficiency and long focal length. This lens strikes a balance between the precision of the 3-element and the power output of the G2, this lens serves as an exceptional all-around option.

G8 Lens (70mm focal length)

The G8 has a 90% efficiency and offers similar advantages to the G7 lens with a slightly shorter focal length.

3 Element Lens (65mm focal length)

The 3 element lens offers a tight beam with a clean profile at the cost of some output power, running at an efficiency of 70%. This lens also has a long focal length, and low divergence; making it a great precision lens.

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions4 × 5 × 2 in