Sienci Mill One Kit V2


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Tools required:

  • 8mm wrench
  • Small, flat head screwdriver
  • Size M3, M5, and M8 Allen keys

No soldering required to assemble the kit, just plug and go!

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Turn your ideas into a reality with the Sienci Mill One V2!

The Mill One V2 is built to be rigid and simple so that you don’t have to be an engineer to use an engineer’s tool. Whether it’s your first time trying out CNC routing, or your business is looking for a scalable way to manufacture new products in-house, create your products and prototypes by carving through woods, plastics, soft metals, and circuit boards.

The Mill One is proudly made in Canada in a way which supports local, growing businesses.

Our machine uses open-source hardware and firmware, letting users build and modify their machines. Not only that, nearly all of our components are standard and easy to source or 3D printable, making replacing parts easy.



  • Our anti-backlash add-on is now available! By enhancing your machine’s precision, PCB milling and model making can now be done with greater ease. (June 15th, 2017)
  • The Sienci Mill One V2 has arrived! We made several improvements on the first version to ensure that your milling experience is even better. Find out more about these improvements here. (May 20th, 2017)
  • The Mill One comes with some additional improvements, listed here (Jan 23th, 2018)
  • Current lead time approximately 1-2 weeks.



Mill One Wood Cutting Demonstration Mill One Thick Aluminum Cutting Demonstration
Mill One Acrylic Cutting Demonstration Mill One HDPE Profiling Demonstration

Additional information

Weight 28 lbs
Dimensions 20 x 14 x 8.5 in
Add Ridgid R24012 Router (120V)

Yes, No

Technical Specs

Working Area:
approx. 235mm x 185mm x 100mm (9 ¼” x 7 ¼” x 4″)

Machine Volume:
approx. 430mm x 430mm x 300mm (17” x 17” x 11 ⅞”)

Mechanical resolution:

Cutting Speed:
*We recommend the Ridgid and Makita routers due to their high performance and reliability

  • Ridgid R24012 = 20,000 – 30,000RPM at 1-½HP (1118W)
  • Makita RT0701C = 10,000 – 30,000RPM at 1-¼HP (932W)

Default* Max Travel Speed:
1200mm/min at ⅛ microstepping
*easily change these settings to suit your needs

Software and Electronics



Driving Boards:
Pololu A4988 stepper motor drivers on a CNC V3.0 HCARDU0086 Arduino Shield, run by an Arduino Uno

Power Supply:
External AC (US plug) at 120 or 220V and 50 or 60Hz, converted to 24VDC at 5A

Power Consumption:
110W (max)

Sender Software:
Universal GCode Sender (recommended)

Run Speed:
Recommended speeds are dependent on cutter choice and material hardness. Listed are some of the typical feed rates and depths of cut we use for our machine with a 2 flute, ⅛” end mill.

Feed rate: 800 to 1200mm/min
Depth of cut: 1.5 to 3 mm

6061 Aluminum:
Feed rate: 700 to 1200mm/min
Depth of cut: 0.1mm – 0.5mm
Coolant: water or rubbing alcohol (optional)

Feed rate: 500 to 1000mm/min
Depth of cut: 1 to 1.5 mm

Feed rate: 800 to 1200
Depth of cut: 1.5mm to 2mm

Additional Info:
See our Frequently Asked Questions page if you would like more info about what this machine does and how you’ll be able to use it.



– Be sure to carefully follow provided machine assembly instructions before machine use to ensure operator safety.

– All wires must be appropriately positioned before beginning the operation of this machine. Cutting a “live” wire may cause exposed metal parts of the routing/trimming tool to become electrified and shock the operator.

– Ensure the machine is placed on a flat surface and in a well-ventilated space before operation.

– Always wear eye protection during machine operation.

– Always wear hearing protection during extended machine operation based on proximity to machine.

– Materials may release chemicals that are toxic or unsafe to inhale when cut. Always check the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of the material in question before cutting. Always cover exposed skin and wear appropriate airway protection (e.g. dust mask/respirator) specific to the  material used and its application.

– Any workpiece must be appropriately secured before starting a cutting routine by clamps or other practical securing method. Holding the material by hand or employing any any other unstable form of securing will lead to unsafe loss of machine control.

– Cutting bits used for the Mill One should be used at the discretion of the user. Bits are sharp and can crack and break without notice so appropriate care should be taken by the user while manipulating and installing them. Carefully check bits for cracks or damage before operating the machine and replace any cracked or unfit bits immediately.

– Carefully inspect any consumable material before use on the machine, any unforeseen inconsistency in material hardness or material quality may cause damage to the machine.

– Keep away from all moving parts during machine operation.

– Before beginning a cutting job, ensure the router/trimmer runs properly. Immediately disable the tool if visible vibration or wobble occurs. This might indicate a damaged tool or an improperly installed bit.

– Make sure the bit is not contacting the workpiece before the router/trimmer tool is turned on.

– Do not leave the machine running unattended, the machine should only be operated with the operator present.

– Do not touch the cutting bit immediately after use. It may be hot and could burn the operator.

– Use bits that are appropriate to the material and cutting speed used.


General Warranty and Limits of Service:

Effective May 17, 2017

Throughout this policy the words “we”, “us” and “our”, or “Sienci Labs” will be used to refer to Sienci Labs Inc. herein and “Mill One” or “machine” will refer to Sienci Labs’ Sienci Mill One and Sienci Mill One V2 products. Additionally, the words “you”,  “your”, “user”, and “operator”  will refer to the original purchaser/customer, user, or viewer of any of the products or media provided by or through Sienci Labs.

Sienci Labs Inc. (the “Company”) grants the Mill One (the “Product”) a standard warranty within Canada and the US to the original customer to be free from missing parts, defects in material, and defects in workmanship for a period of sixty (60) days from the date of purchase by the original purchaser. Sienci Labs Inc. will ensure that the appropriate support is provided to the original customer to restore the Mill One to operational condition or provide a full or partial refund under the sole discretion of the Company.

This warranty does not cover damage due to improper use or assembly,  lack of maintenance, normal wear and tear, or modifications to the Mill One which are not produced or authorized by the Company.  Consumables such as end mills, bits, and sample or stock materials which may have come with your Mill One are not included in this warranty.

This warranty will become void if the operator does not follow the Safety Warnings and Guidelines, uses the Product for illegal purposes, or intentionally causes damage to the Product,

The original customer must contact Sienci Labs Inc. within sixty (60) days of purchase to make a warranty claim to be eligible for warranty service. Proof of purchase, tracking number, email address, or other material will be used to confirm the original purchasing date and the identity of the original customer. If damage was due to shipping, original packaging materials must be kept in the original received condition. Photos, videos, written descriptions, and other items may be requested to assess and validate a warranty claim.  In the case Sienci Labs Inc. requires the original parts to be returned, the customer is solely responsible for packing all items securely. Damage incurred during return shipping will not be covered by the warranty. A method of payment such as a credit card may be requested by Sienci Labs Inc. to cover shipping costs or damaged items if Products are not eligible for warranty service.

Sienci Labs Inc. does not explicitly support orders outside of the United States and Canada, and thus may have limited support and response in the event of a warranty claim; machines purchased outside of Canada or the United States should be done so at the risk of the buyer.


Additional Support

  • Cancellations

You may cancel an order if it has not shipped yet. Items which are canceled before shipping are subject to a $30USD restocking fee.  Please contact us at for cancellations.

  • Returns

If you would like to make a return, contact us at

You may return your Mill One only if it is in an unopened, unused condition, in its original packaging within 30 days to:


Sienci Labs

260 Lester St

Waterloo ON.

N2L 3W5



A refund minus a $50USD restocking fee will be issued to your original payment method after it has arrived and has cleared inspection. Return shipping fees are the responsibility of the customer.

If items are damaged or missing, a partial refund to the sole discretion of Sienci Labs Inc. will be issued.

  • Replacement parts

We typically carry additional stock of all parts and materials for the Mill One. If you are unable to find the part on our store and require new parts for your Mill One, send us an email at