2. Acrylic Gear Train

Acrylic is a sturdy and useful plastic, commonly used in robotics applications due to its functionality, availability, and looks. At the right speed, acrylic and other soft plastics can be smoothly milled to yield very beautiful results. Generally, you’ll want to aim for an 800mm/min feed rate at a 1.8mm depth of cut. You’ll notice that there are burrs and debris left behind on the cut surfaces if the right speeds and feeds are not selected. Choose spindle speed around 24,000 RPM and adjust these settings as you need to get the best results.

This gear train was designed from scratch by Chris. If cut properly, minimal drilling should be required to use two M4 bolts and washers (or 8-32) and thread them into the gear train base.

Material: 6mm acrylic
End Mill: 2-flute, 1/8″ end mill
Cutting Time: 14 minutes