1. Wooden Box

The hardness of wood varies by species and other factors, however most commonly available woods such as pine, oak, cedar, maple, or cherry are quite easy to work with. A depth of cut of about 2mm at around 700mm/min works well with soft to medium hardness woods, but you should reduce the depth of cut to around 1mm if you’re working with a very hard wood. Medium speed on the router at around 20,000RPM works well.

The following box was designed by Andy. It’s beautiful in its simplicity and fits together nicely. Refer to our Feeds and Speeds table to set up your machine based on your choice of wood.

Material: Any species of wood you wish, at least 22mm tall for the base and 13mm tall for the lid
End Mill: 2-flute, 1/4″ end mill
Cutting Time: 25 minutes