Tesla Electric City Festival 2018 – Mill One Design Challenge

Hi there!

We here at Sienci Labs want every maker to learn just how easy it is to design for and use a CNC milling machine. And what better way to learn than to design something and have it made!

The #MillOneDesignChallenge will be hosted at the Hamilton 2018 Tesla Electric City Festival, which will take place on Sunday, August 26th at the Hamilton Steam & Technology Museum. Chosen submissions will be made on the Mill One at the trade show and given to the artist/designer at the event.

You design it, we\'ll make it for you at the event

Tesla Festival Design Challenge Details

All projects will be made using a single 9" x 7" x 7/16" (235mm x 185mm x 11mm) plywood board. Please make sure that all design parts / artwork fits within the given dimension. 

  1. Submit your designs for one or both of the design categories listed below
  2. Chosen submissions will be made on the Mill One
  3. You will be notified prior to the event to claim your prize at our booth

Category #1 - Engraved Artwork

We love using our Mill One to showcase artwork! Check out this video where we show you how we do it! Send us your work and we'll put it on the mill!


  • Must be original artwork (or have written consent to submit work on artist's behave)
  • We'll do our best to work with your submissions, no matter the format! 

blankKanagawa-oki nami ura blankblank 
(Traditional Engraving of Kanagawa-oki nami ura, Katsushika Hokusai, & Stipple Engraving of Deadpool, Ken Hunt)


Category #2 - Functional/Decorative Designs

Think BIGGER than making signs and engraving! We've made coasters, photo-frames, and phone stands using simple plywood and glue! Think of a design that can be cut from a plywood board, sketch it out and add a few measurements, and send a picture of it to us!

Some ideas/inspiration:

  • book ends
  • phone/tablet stand
  • fridge organizer
  • drawer handle

blankblank blankblank

(Mobile stand sketch, anonymous, Laptop stand design, @ipsally)

PS: Cool read on plywood gears! 

New to 3D Carving? Learn how CNC Milling works (Click to expand)

3D carving (aka. CNC Routing, CNC milling) is a different approach to 3D design, known as "Subtractive Manufacturing". CNC milling owns a unique territory in the design space, where we begin with a solid piece of raw material, and take away material to result in our final product.


End Mills are the cutting tool tips used on the machine to remove material. We can use flat nose end mills, ball mills, or V-bits to create different cuts and finishes!

Feeds&Speeds are the settings used to achieve the type of finish we want. Careful! Too slow, too fast, or too aggressive can cause damage!

Read more from our resources page!

I'm ready to enter my submission! What do I do?

We're taking submissions all over the internet!

  1. Post your designs and artwork on social media with a small description of what it is
  2. Tag both Sienci Labs and Tesla in your post and include the hashtag#MillOneDesignChallenge

    • Twitter: @SienciLabs @NTEC_Hamilton
    • Facebook: @siencilabs @Teslaeducational

  3. We will begin contacting selected artists 2 weeks before the event through their corresponding social media platforms

    • The earlier the submission, the better your chances to get your design made!
    • Feel free to submit on all three platforms, and ask friends to repost! The easier it is to find you, the better!

Here are some examples of what a submission may look like: