Our relationship with LightBurn

June 9, 2022

Sienci Labs is an authorized reseller of LightBurn software. This page describes the relationship between our two companies.

We have decided to enter into this relationship with LightBurn as from our experience with working with different laser software on our LaserBeam system and our own internal production level laser cutting, we’ve found it well suited for our audience.

The LongMill and LaserBeam are compatible with free software and purchasing software is not necessary for use with our machines.

The resale agreement

Our relationship between LightBurn and us is very simple. We buy licenses for their software at a discount in bulk and resell them to you. There is no difference in the product between purchasing LightBurn software through our company or through the LightBurn website.

Who provides the support?

For direct software-related questions and documentation, customers can visit LightBurn’s Software Documentation, watch their general video tutorials, and visit their Support Forum. Additional support and questions can be found by contacting LightBurn directly.

For questions and support on using your LaserBeam, please refer to the LaserBeam Resources or contact us directly.

Why purchase the software from us?

By purchasing LightBurn software through us, we get a percentage back to us from the sale. Purchasing the software through us means supporting our company through these profits.

How do I get my license key?

Once you purchase a license, you will get an email with the code and instructions to activate the full version of your software using the license key.

Upgrading and Updating

LightBurn offers several options on their website for renewing your license and adding compatibility for other types of laser cutters outside of the ones we sell. If you wish to make changes to your license, customers can work with LightBurn directly.

What if you don’t sell a license on your website that I want?

Get in touch with us at hi@sienci.com.