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Our regular business hours for calls and local pickup are:

9:30am – 4:30pm Eastern Time (ET) Monday to Friday.

We are closed on all statutory holidays.

Our address is 372 King St North, Waterloo ON, Canada

Use our contact form to speak directly with our core team and operations staff.

We’ve also created comprehensive resourcesFAQ, and a common issues and fixes page for the LongMill so that you don’t have to wait to get your questions answered.

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Customer Support Terms of Service

This customer support policy has been created to outline both us as the company and you as the customer’s rights, expectations, and responsibilities.

Your rights as the customer

You have the right to:

  • Be treated with respect
  • Be treated equally regardless of age, race, religion, disability, and relationship with the company
  • Be provided with high-quality customer service to the best of our abilities
  • Use any of our available company channels of communication

Your responsibilities as the customer

You are responsible for:

  • Communicating with respect to us as the company and our community as a whole
  • Allowing time for responses to be sent out or received
  • Providing all  information that is needed to provide effective customer service
  • Respecting policies that may be in place in the company

Our rights as the company

Us as the company have the right to:

  • Be treated with respect
  • Be provided with a reasonable amount of time to help each customer
  • Cease communication and refuse service with customers that may threaten or harass us
  • Refuse to provide personal or confidential information
  • Ask for additional information and resources to assist a customer

Our responsibilities as the company

We as the company are responsible for:

  • Providing polite, respectful, and helpful assistance to customers within the scope of the service we can provide
  • Providing accurate, relevant, and useful  information
  • Protecting confidential information about you, the company, and our customers
  • Ensuring all customers are served fairly and equally

Limitations of service

To ensure efficiency and continue to bring high-quality service to our customers, we have certain limitations of service, including assistance with:

  • Building their own CNC machines using individually purchased parts outside of our kits
  • Adding aftermarket parts or modifications
  • Setting up machines and products not manufactured by Sienci Labs
  • Software support for software not created by Sienci Labs
  • Technical support for machines purchased second hand or not requested by the original purchaser

Although we will do our best to serve everyone and answer questions outside of our general scope, we may have limited technical knowledge and experience in these areas.


Although we do our best to provide correct and accurate information, all communication is provided as an as-is-basis.