Latest Mill One mods on the Mill One Group

There’s been a lot of activity on the Mill One Group on Facebook, especially with new mods and addons. Here’s one by Fred that’s pretty impressive. He’s also written up some details about his project, which are listed down below. Second Story Write Up LED Lighting Mill One Update Another pretty cool mod is the […]

New v-bits and collet adapters

If you’ve been waiting to order a 1/4″ to 1/8″ collet adapter, they are now back in stock on our store. We also have 60 degree v bits available for sale on our store as well. These bits great for doing v carving or engraving smaller projects like PCBs or tags. Also, make sure to […]

Changes and updates to the Mill One Design

Thanks to feedback and community contributions, we have made several changes to the Mill One design that make it better, stronger, and more reliable. Most of these changes are shipping now, and new units come with changelogs that detail changes to assembly that may not be listed in the official V2 assembly manual. This list […]