Production Updates for August

Hi everyone. Hope everyone is staying safe out there. Here are production updates for August. If you want to read more day to day updates please visit: To start, I’m happy to announce that machines are being shipped out now. We’ve sorted through all of the hurdles with v-wheel-gate and getting all the other […]

July Production Updates

*Update* We are providing additional updates on orders that have already been placed here: Hi everyone, here’s a new production update for our LongMills. If you are planning to order a machine I would recommend reading this post carefully as it will provide more info on when you should expect to receive your order. […]

Connecting your LongMill to UGS

I’ve decided to create this post as the most common issue people run into when starting up their LongMill for the first time is with connecting their machine with UGSPlatform. From my personal experience helping LongMill users, if you are running into problems with UGS, it is likely just with choosing the right port. However […]