Maker Festival Toronto 2016 was awesome!

Thank you for everyone who came out to Maker Festival to support us and the greater maker community! It’s exciting to see amazing projects like stair climbing robots, hyper fast bikes, and leather origami. It was great to get so much interest, feedback, and ideas. For everyone who have asked to place orders, we will […]

Our 3D printer has arrived!

Our 3D printer has finally arrived here in Waterloo all the way from Guangzhou! It’s a Tevo Tarantula that we picked up for just under $400 CAD. We’re moving into exam season so the project will be slowing down for a few weeks until we can move into working on it full time, but hopefully […]

A redesign of the X and Z axis gantry

I’ve been working on improving stiffness in all of the axis. Here’s a 3D render of the X and Z axis assembly. I found that the biggest issue with the previous iteration was that it was difficult to reach the fasteners, so it was a bit tricky to get everything as tight as possible. We […]

Design…round two

Hi everyone! We’ve put together a prototype and it looks pretty, but there’s a couple of things we want to touch up to get the best performance out of our machines, so we’re going into the second full round of design. Our new 3D printer is due to come in the next week or two, […]

Tim and I ordered a new 3D printer!

Tim and I needed a new 3D printer, so we ordered one online last night. Can’t wait to make some new prototypes and new machines! It’s a cheap one we got online for about $310 CAD. 3D printers have gone down in price a lot over the last few years. I’m excited to see what […]