Order Status Tracking

How this page works

This is an automated system that helps customers see the status of LongMill, LongMill MK2, and LaserBeam orders. We understand that customers are antsy to see how their orders are progressing and get an idea of when they are expected to arrive. If you are one of those people, please feel free to use this tool.

Here is the general gist of how this page works:

  • When an order is placed sucessfully for a LongMill, LongMill MK2, or LaserBeam, the order is updated on our speadsheet.
  • The time of the order is automatically calculated, and can be compared to the current estimated lead times.
  • Any changes to the estimated delivery time will be noted by one of our operations managers and info can be found as a note next to your order or as a general update on the page itself.
  • Once an order is completed or cancelled, it will be deleted from the list

Please help us to help you ship your products faster by referring to our Order Status page before contacting us as we are working hard to ship everyone’s orders out as quickly as possible.

If you want to read my longer form production updates, I post at least one per month. Please check the blog for any production updates.

LongMill MK2 12×30 and 30×30 Orders

May 20, 2022

We’ve now received a partial batch of gantries and have started shipping machines again! We’ll probably get the complete batch next week but in the meantime we have plates to use for shipping.

We’ve updated our lead time to 2 weeks, but we expect most orders to ship sooner than that.

There seems to be some glitches with the orders updating on the status sheet automatically. In the meantime, we’ll keep things updated manually every few days.

LongMill MK2 48×30 and Extension Kit Orders

March 8, 2022

This section covers orders for 48×30 machines and any extension kits. These orders are expected to start shipping in July 2022.

LaserBeam Orders

May 18, 2022

Our PCB manufacturer is currently arranging a partial order of driver boards to start fulfilling LaserBeam orders. We are aiming to ship the next 135 orders by the end of next week.

For the full update, please see https://sienci.com/2022/05/18/laserbeam-drivers-are-on-the-way/