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USMCA Tax Exemptions on Orders to the US

Since June, we’ve started shipments placed for US orders as DDP or DAP (Delivery Duty Paid or Delivery at Place), which means that customers have not been charged for duties and taxes on shipments. We’ve been monitoring and testing our system for the last few months to make sure it was all working properly.

I’m happy to announce that things have been working as they should and we are letting everyone know that going forward our American customers won’t have to worry about duties and taxes when ordering from us! This means that any duties, taxes, or brokerage fees will be billed directly to us.

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Due to some changes for shipments going from Canada to the US, we may need to contact some customers for Tax ID numbers to help facilitate the customs process. Please keep an eye out for an email or call from us once your product ships if the value of your shipment is above $800USD.