How can I change, add, or modify an existing order?

I want to make a change to an existing order

If you are looking to change something such as your:

  • Contact details
  • Address
  • Email

Please, reach out directly with our contact page and we’ll help you out one on one.

I want to add or modify items in an existing order

In some cases, if you have two separate pending orders we may be able to combine the order to save you shipping. We will refund you the difference in cost for shipping.

To combine your order, please:

  1. Purchase the additional items on our store
  2. Include in the order note at checkout with the order number of the purchase you want to have merged
  3. If you have any additional details or instructions, please add them to the notes

If your shipment has not already been packed and shipped, and there is a difference in shipping costs to merge, we will refund you the difference.

Please note:

  • Some items (such as LongMills, Vortex Rotary, T-tracks, and LaserBeams) must be shipped separately as they have weight and size restrictions. Although we can combine small parts, such as bits and accessories with these items,¬†LongMills, T-Tracks, and LeaserBeams cannot be combined with each other and must be shipped separately.¬†Our online system will automatically configure your order with multiple shipping fees if they will be shipped separately.
  • Combining shipping for two orders may delay your order. If you have an item that has a longer lead time or is back-ordered, shipments will have to wait till all items are available before they can ship.
  • We cannot re-charge for items, once a refund is made and you change your mind, the order will need to be canceled completely and re-ordered.
  • Please allow 3-5 business days to combine your order.

If you want to remove items from an existing order, please contact us, and we can remove the items from your cart and refund you the difference.

I want to cancel my order

If an order has not been shipped yet, it can be canceled without penalty. Please contact us with your order number and we can make cancel your order and refund you to your original payment method.

If your order has shipped, additional conditions may apply. Please check our Ship and Store Policy Page for additional info.