I am a Canadian First Nations person with tax-exempt status. Can I have my taxes exempt on my purchases?

At the current time, although orders can be picked up from our shop, we do not offer in-person shopping or purchases at this time and orders must be placed online. Because of this, we are not allowed to provide rebates at the time of purchase, as per the Province of Ontario (https://www.ontario.ca/document/harmonized-sales-tax-hst/ontario-first-nations-harmonized-sales-tax-hst-rebate-0):

Vendors are not allowed to provide the rebate at the time of purchase when goods are purchased via the Internet or other ways that do not allow the vendor to verify the Certificate of Indian Status card.

The rebate also cannot be provided at the time of sale on goods imported by mail or courier.

Rebates can be applied after purchase and we will provide a receipt or any other documentation you may need to apply for the rebate. Customers wishing to receive the rebate should apply directly to the government using the appropriate application.