Who is the LaserBeam for?

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The LaserBeam was designed for LongMill users who want to add a laser for cutting and engraving to their machines. The LaserBeam compliments the LongMill perfectly, as it allows users to add additional depth to their projects, such as making signs, customizing cutting boards, and adding intricate designs and graphics to their projects.

Although there are many aftermarket options available, there were a couple of things that our customers wanted to have addressed with alternative options. Here are some of the reasons.

Resources and Support

Most laser manufacturers, especially outside of North America, lack resources and support for installing their lasers onto CNC machines. We’ve also seen many reports that getting technical and troubleshooting support can be difficult or nonexistent.

While North American and European manufactured lasers offer better support, their lasers are not specifically designed to integrate with the LongMill and gSender.

With the LaserBeam, we’ve specifically designed and developed the hardware and resources to work in harmony with the LongMill, making it easy to install and start using right away.

Check out the LaserBeam resources here: https://resources.sienci.com/view/lb-manual/


In the laser market, there are both inexpensive diode lasers and expensive, premium lasers. While purchasing an inexpensive laser can seem like a good deal, it is very common for these diodes to misrepresent their true optical power. This means that a laser rated for 7 or 10 watts might only output 1 or 2 watts. It’s very common for inexpensive lasers to use their input power rating or the amount of electricity needed to run the laser to misrepresent their cutting power.

Just for context, if we rated the LaserBeam the same way budget options did, we could rate our laser at 80 watts!

On the other hand, more premium laser options can cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. While these offer more accurate cutting powers and come with better support and resources, they can be significantly outside of your budget.

The LaserBeam offers an excellent option at a reasonable price. Since the LaserBeam uses the same high-power diode modules as other premium options, it offers the same level of cutting power for significantly less cost. Each laser is tested on specialized equipment to ensure that they reach its rated power or higher. Additionally, with our relationships with our manufacturers and electronics fabrication shops, we can produce our lasers at a lower cost than our competitors by utilizing our economies of scale already established by the production of the LongMill.