What are duties and taxes and how much should I expect to pay?


Since all of our items are shipping from Canada, there are no duties on your shipment. However, you will be charged taxes based on your province at checkout.

United States

Shipments to the US are DDP (Delivery Duty Paid). This means that any duties, taxes, or brokerage fees will be billed directly to us and no additional payment is required for your order after it is placed.

In some cases, we may require customers from the US to provide a Federal Tax ID or Social Security Number to clear certain items into the US. In this case, we may reach out to you directly for this information. While the majority of shipments will not need this information, if the customs requires it, the shipment cannot be cleared without the information.

International orders outside of the US and Canada

Depending on your country, you may be subject to duties and taxes imposed by your country. Once your order arrives in your country, your shipping courier will notify you on any duties or taxes you may need to pay.