The LongMill says it’s “made to order” but also that it’s “in stock”. What does that mean?

Based on the availability of parts, our lead times for the LongMill and other products may vary. If there is a lead time or wait time associated with the product, we will write it on the product page directly. Even if a product is “in stock”, there still may be a wait time or lead time based on demand and how quickly we can build machines.

The LongMill will show a stock quantity as it represents the number of units available in a batch. Certain products, including the LongMill, are made in batches, which means that the majority of the components are manufactured, assembled, and packed at the same time. However, there may be additional packing assembly and quality control steps that each individual order may need that can take a longer amount of time.

If you are looking for a lead time on when you should expect to have your machine ready to ship, always refer to the lead time listed on the product page.

We understand you may be super excited to get your machine. However, we need time to build them. We keep a list of pending orders and estimated time of completion on our Order Status page. Customers can check when the estimated time for fulfillment is. We also keep Production Updates on our blog at least once a month which gives details on lead times and changes that may be happening to parts and production.