What comes in the LongMill Kit? Is there anything else I need?

The LongMill MK2 comes with:

  • All rails, gantries, fasteners, lead screws, and other hardware parts to make a complete LongMill
  • Allen keys and assembly wrench to put your machine together
  • All electronics, including power supply, controller, drivers, and motors
  • Online assembly instructions and resources
  • Excellent lifetime technical support during the life of your ownership
  • Free download to gSender, our amazing gcode sender and machine control software.

Things that don’t come with the kit include:

  • A drill or driver, for installing the screws to mount the machine to a working surface
  • A router – which we sell as an additional add-on
  • End mills – which we sell in our store (the End Mill Starter Set is an excellent choice)
  • A wasteboard and table (more info here)
  • A computer (system requirements here)