Why are some parts of my order separate or split up?

When we pack your order, our goal is to minimize cost while ensuring the safety and security of your packages. We do this by combining products in your order into as few packages as possible. For example, we’ve designed areas for add-ons for the LongMill within the LongMill box as the majority of our customers order them with their kit.

Some parts of your order may be split up into separate shipments and may come with multiple tracking numbers. This may be due to the size and weight constraints of your package, the cost of packing materials, or to ensure the packaging security of your items.

For example, we ship LongMills and t-tracks separately as the total weight and size of the package exceed what is safe to lift together. Additionally, the cost to have larger cartons on hand typically is higher than splitting packages separately.

If you have shipments that will be broken up, it will show in your shipping calculation at checkout.