I have never used a CNC machine before? Will I be able to learn how to use it?

Yes! You will be joining the thousands of first-time, beginner users of CNC into our ecosystem that have found success and enjoyment in using their LongMills. Please check out our user interviews from our Beta Testers to get a first-hand look at their experiences.

The large majority of our users have never used a CNC machine before, which is why we have created our resources for the machine to be as thorough and comprehensive as possible.


More than 2/3rds of our customers reported that their LongMill is their first experience hands on with CNC technology.

65% reported that their primary use for the LongMill is for their hobby.

27% reported that their LongMill was purchased for their business

8% reported either they were planning to use it for both business and hobby or wanted to start out as a hobby and move into becoming a business.

We feel that the LongMill is best suited for people who:

  • Are budget conscious, but want a machine capable of easily creating sellable products that can offset the cost of their machine and hobby
  • Getting into CNCing for the first time and want high-quality resources, a strong community, and excellent customer service to help them get into and learn the process
  • Willing to spend some time building and tinkering with their machine

The LongMill is not ideal for people who:

  • Are looking for a machine strictly for high-volume production use
  • Require a turn-key solution that comes pre-assembled and installed
  • Milling metals or other hard materials that require very high levels of tolerance and accuracy

Our resources page

Our resources page covers all of the information you need to know to start out with your CNC, including topics about:

  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Cutting speeds
  • Workholding
  • Assembly
  • and more…

We recommend all users read through the resources to get an overview of everything they need to know about using their LongMill.


Our Youtube channel contains dozens of tutorials and other videos on using your CNC machine. We also have a Community Videos Playlist that also shares tutorials and videos on how other customers use their LongMills.

Facebook Group and Online Forum

Our Facebook Group and Online Forum are a great way to connect with other LongMill users and gather shared knowledge about the LongMill and CNCing in general.