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24V 12.5A Power Adapter


This 24V 12.5A Power Adapter power supply provides power to the LongMill’s control board and comes with a removable terminal connector compatible with the LongBoard.

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Our 24V 12.5A Power Adapter is compatible with all LongMill MK1 and MK2s and provides up to 300 watts of power to your CNC machine. 

The DC side comes with a WJ2EDGK-5.08-2P connector and the AC side uses a North American Standard Type B NEMA 5-15P plug.

This power adapter is an improvement to the original 24V 10A power adapter with:

  • Higher maximum power output from 240 watts to 300 watts, providing additional headroom and allowing for potential future updates
  • Encapsulated electronics, for shock resistance and dust/moisture resistance

This power adapter comes with an aluminum case that can get hot. Users should exercise caution when handling the power adapter when active.

This power adapter is only compatible with 110-120VAC. 50-60HZ, commonly used across North America. Customers who are running other voltages are recommended to use a transformer rated for above 300 watts for this power adapter.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 5 in