Han Solo in Carbonite

Jim from <a href=httpswwwkwartzlabca target= blank>Kwartzlab<a>s first carving on the Sienci Mill One is spectacular This great model of Han Solo stuck in carbonite really shows off the detailing that the Mill One can achieve Videos can be found via Jims post on our <a href=httpswwwfacebookcomjimfarevideos10155010927900490 target= blank>Facebook user group<a> <b><u>Cutting Specs<u><b> <b>Model<b> <a href=httpwwwthingiversecomthing1274target= blank>Han Solo in Carbonite by gianteye<a> <b>Material<b> 1 thick pink insulation foam <b>Cutting Time<b> ~35 hours <b>Roughing Bit<b> 6mm ball mill <b>Feed rate<b> <b>Plunge rate<b> <b>Finishing Bit<b> 2mm ball mill <b>Feed rate<b> <b>Plunge rate<b>