Sienci LaserBeam Laser System



The Sienci LaserBeam is a powerful, high-quality, plug-and-play laser system for the LongMill. The LaserBeam is specifically designed to get you engraving and cutting laser safe material with your CNC machine in minutes.

The LaserBeam is designed, tested, and made in-house in Waterloo, ON.

Not sure what you need to get for your LaserBeam? Try our LaserBeam Configurator

Please note that this item has a lead time of 1-3 days for orders placed today. Customers can check their place in line for orders on our Order Status page

All laser systems come with a G2 lens & safety glasses. Additional lenses & extra safety glasses can be purchased below or if you wish to order more than one of each lens, please check out:

Depending on your version of Longmill router mount, you will be able to mount your laser assembly on the left/right side (older router mounts) or the front (newer router mounts): Mounting your Laser Resources

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