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Replacement Makita CB-408 Carbon Brushes (2pcs)


Looking to extend the life of your Makita Router? Check out these Makita CB-408 Carbon brushes!
Damaged or worn carbon brushes can lead to reduced performance of your router. Worn brushes can result in motor sparking or intermittent power. They should be replaced every 1-2 years, or when the brushes have worn significantly, depending on use.

Sold as one set of two OEM carbon brushes.

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Brushes should be replaced when your Makita RT0701 router starts to run poorly or lose power. The interval of how often they should be replaced can vary but should average about 1-2 years of regular use for most users.

Replacement instructions

1. Remove the brush retaining screw

Unplug your router. Remove the black screw using a large flathead screwdriver to access the brushes. Note that there is one screw on each side of the router.

2. Remove the old brushes

Remove the old brushes gently by pulling them out of the hole.

3. Replace and reassemble

Take your new brushes and slot them into the hole. Replace and secure the black plastic screw into place. Make sure to repeat this on both sides of the router.

Additional information

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