3D Printed Parts for the LongMill

USD$5.99 - USD$13.99

High quality and high strength 3D printed parts used for the LongMill. These parts are compatible with all LongMills shipped October 2019 and onwards, with the exception of the Z-axis motor mount, which is only compatible with LongMills shipped in March 2020 and later.




All parts are printed with premium PLA+ supplied by Botfeeder. For more info on printing settings, please visit https://sienci.com/2019/11/11/3d-printing-settings-for-longmill-parts/

The latest versions of the LongMill’s parts can be exported to 3D files (STL, STEP, PARASOLID) from our Onshape documents. For full details, visit our Open-source and Modifications page on our LongMill resources.


  • The Middle Feet and Shoulder Bracket are compatible with both the left and right side interchangeably.
  • The Drag Chain Mounts and Shoulder Brackets are compatible with V1 and V2 machines, however, they are not identical to the V1 design as these have been updated and improved for strength and ease of installation.
  • You can typically find the foot position (back left, front right, etc…) written on the part itself.



Additional information

Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 3 in

Front Right Mount Feet, Front Left Mount Feet, Rear Right Motor Mount Feet, Rear Left Motor Mount Feet, Z Axis Motor Mount, Middle Feet, Middle Drag Chain Feet, Shoulder Bracket, Drag Chain Mount