AutoZero Touchplate


The AutoZero Touch Plate is a revolutionary CNC touch plate that allows for homing of both straight and irregularly shaped bits (v-bits, ball nose, and tapered) in the X, Y, and Z directions automatically using a unique chamfered edge design.

Unlike most conventional touch plates, AutoZero also automatically measures and calculates the size and position of the bit that you’re using, allowing users to skip the process of measuring and inputting their tooling sizes into the software. Plus, with our gSender control software, users can use pre-built settings to have a seamless experience homing bits on their CNC machines.

Also notable for the AutoZero Touchplate is our nickel coating, which allows for higher conductivity of the surface to improve overall sensitivity. Each set also comes with a 5ft cable with a high-powered neodymium magnet and gold plated 5mm ECS5 jack for easy connectivity on two sides of the touch plate.

See more on assembling and using the AutoZero here:



*Although this touch plate should work with other CNC machines, we cannot guarantee compatibility except for our LongMill CNCs. This touch plate is designed to work with gSender only. Macros and documentation for use with other software may be slated for a future date but are not currently available.

Additional information

Weight .7 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 2 in