We’re Sienci Labs. We break the rules around conventional manufacturing by creating new and innovative processes to do small scale prototyping and production. We’re looking for smart and passionate people to join our team and be part of this manufacturing revolution. 

Sienci Labs is based in Waterloo, ON, approximately 1.5 hours from Toronto, ON.

Open positions can be found below. Please email us at, with the position you are interested in as the subject with your resume and cover letter. Due to the high volume of applications, only applicants of interest will be contacted.

Sales and Marketing Developer

You’ll be in charge of managing the sales and marketing of the Sienci Mill One, as well as the development of business strategies for other projects in the works.

Some great assets to have for this job include:

  • Experience with digital marketing
  • An understanding of the maker market
  • Ability to communicate with customers and clients
  • Ability to work with and manage other team members, contractors and freelancers
  • Experience with creating optimized customer experience for the whole sales cycle

Packing, Shipping, and Supply Chain Manager

You’ll be in charge of controlling the flow of parts and inventory and getting products out the door quickly and efficiently. We serve hundreds of customers in nearly 30 countries.

Some great assets to have for this job include:

  • Experience in manufacturing
  • Experience with importing/exporting
  • Able to set up a quality control methods
  • Experience with shipping logistics

Electrical Hardware Engineer

You’re passionate about pushing the boundaries of open source hardware and software to create, smarter, more efficient machines. In this position, you

Some great assets to have for this job include:

  • Experience with using Arduinos and other microcontrollers
  • Experience with using sensors and other electronic periphery
  • Knowledge of Java and/or C based programming languages