Production updates for Batch 2 – Pt.2

For the last production update, please check out this post: As covered in the last production update, we have been waiting on the remaining batch of parts to arrive. As of current, we have the full balance of parts with the exception of the control boards. We are expecting the control boards to arrive […]

New stuff on the store

We have a couple of new additions to the store to mention! Vectric VCarve Desktop We’ve had a lot of folks highly recommend Vectric software for their LongMills, so we’ve decided to become their official reseller to sell their software. We’ve started with selling VCarve Desktop as it provides 2D and 3D carving functionality, includes […]

A list of common issues and how we resolved them on the LongMill V1, and how we improved on our machines for V2

It’s been a heck of a ride with building LongMills and ironing out issues in production to get the best quality machine to our customers. With any new product, there are lots of issues to fix and resolve. We’ve kept detailed records for every customer issue we have to review and improve on our machines […]