Sienci Labs is dedicated to growing the maker community and advancing the development of open-source automated manufacturing technologies. Because of our vision, designs for the Mill One are open for anyone to use.

We encourage makers around the world to use our designs and ideas to modify existing Mill Ones and even build their own from scratch. Check out the resources available below for files, instructions, and other information.

Looking for help or need other resources, feel free to reach out at!



Find photos, links, downloadable designs files, and manufacturing tips.



Onshape is a powerful browser based CAD software. Explore our design changes live. For latest design files, or if you want to modify the design, visit our project on Onshape. These design files change constantly and may be inconsistent at times, but typically have the new improvements.



Find design files for Mill One V1 as well as sample gcode, STLs, and other initialization info.



Find 3D printable parts for the Mill One on our Thingiverse page.


Bill of Materials

Google Sheets file on Google Drive with bill of materials.


Facebook Group

Join our Facebook group to connect with makers around the world and share modifications, project ideas, and more.