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Testing out the gantries

There has been some delays in receiving the black HDPE material over the holidays which we are making the bed and XZ gantry from, but the material finally arrived at the shop this week. With some critical dimensions involved in the manufacturing of these parts, it required a bit of playing around to get the correct fit and finish for these parts.

Here is us testing out the fit of the v wheels and the rails. While we have managed to get the right tolerances for the fit of the eccentric nuts, we are still working on the correct spacing to allow for the correct amount of preload on the v wheel bearings. We expect to have a set of 10 parts to test at the beginning of next week, which will be checked over to ensure proper fit. If the spacings are correct, they will be packed into kits.

While we are working on this, we have been making sure that once the first set of gantries arrive, we are able to ship kits out by organizing parts into three separate bags. Here’s a recent photo of our garage.