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Progress Update #9

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It’s been a heck of a journey up to this point.

LongMill LongBoards are finally here

We’ve been holding our breaths for these boards to finally arrive. They are finally here! We’ll be doing the final assembly, QA, testing, and assembly for the boards before we pack them into kits. 

 Final board enclosures will be made from stainless steel and acrylic, and will be pre-assembled in house.

Here are some features:

– Detachable screw terminals for power, fan, coolant control, spindle control, probe, motors, and end stops.

– Pause, Play, and Stop buttons

LongBoard enclosure
These boxes hold our boards
Testing jig for the LongBoard

New 3D printers

Adding to our 3D printer bank

With the continual influx of orders, to boost our production rate for printing, as well as the additional dust shoe orders that have come in, we’ve added another 24 printers to the farm, for a total number of around 37-38 total printers!

Some small improvements we’ve made to printed parts:

– Stronger front Y axis mounts

-Stronger, easier to install Y axis drag chain holder

Woodstock Woodworking Show

Thank you to everyone who came out to the woodworking show in Woodstock! We had a blast there. It was awesome to meet a bunch of our backers, as well as other people in the community, and it was a fun way to get our heads out of production work for a little bit and actually get to talk to woodworkers.

Our next show will be in November at the Hamilton/Ancaster Woodworking Show November 8-10th! Learn more at:

First batch of shipments

The first batch of shipments will start to trickle out soon. We will get in touch with backers who will be receiving their machines in the next few weeks via email/phone. If you have not answered your surveys, please do so. 


Thank you to everyone who’s answered their surveys! Everyone at this point should have gotten their surveys. Please check your inbox!