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November 25 – December 2, 2022 “A Project That is a Furniture Item” Contest

Happy Friday, everyone! We want to give our utmost thanks to everyone who participated in this week’s contest. We had an immense amount of signs and clocks project submissions this week that made it by far the most difficult for us to choose our favourite ones since all signs and clocks projects were so cool and unique. It is always such a joy seeing all the projects shared within our community of creators.

Last Week’s Winners

We are happy to announce that Steven Parks, Kyle Black, Brad Olmstead, Daniel Kerr, Rick Gauthier, and Jim Baker are the winners of the “A Project That Is a Sign or Clock” contest! A prize is coming your way!

This Week’s Theme: A Project That is a Furniture Item

The theme of the week is “projects that are furniture”. Share with us your tables, chairs, cabinets, desks, beds, and other furniture-related projects that were made using the LongMill, and we will reward the ones we liked best with great prizes.

Happy making!