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Videos You Might Have Missed Last Month (May 2023)

Hey everyone. Here are some informative videos that you might have missed last month. Check them out below and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up with our CNC-related videos.

Sienci Labs Presents: The Vortex Rotary Axis

We are excited to announce that the first 300 units of the Vortex Rotary Axis are now available for pre-order!

The Vortex is a compact, precise, high-quality rotary axis we designed from scratch, with direct integration into gSender. Just like all our products, the Vortex comes with high-quality tutorials, support, and resources to make it easy to install, learn, and use your rotary axis.

Knocking It Out of the Park With the Vortex Rotary Axis

Batter up! We took a piece of wood and turned it into a beautiful customized baseball bat with the Vortex Rotary Axis. This bat is only one of many other projects the Vortex can make. 

Introducing the Vortex Rotary Axis

Take your projects to the next level with our Vortex Rotary Axis. Our Mechanical Engineers, Daniel and Johann are here to explain what it is, how it works, what it includes, what it can produce, software, other supporting features, and more.

Making an Easy and Personalized Mother’s Day Gift on Your CNC

In need of a gift idea for Mother’s Day? Well, we have one! Follow along with Scott as he demonstrates how to make a set of personalized wooden kitchen utensils with the doodles and handwriting of loved ones on the LongMill.