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Videos You Might Have Missed Last Month (August 2023)

Hey everyone. Here are some informative videos that you might have missed last month. Check them out below and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up with our CNC-related videos.

LongMill MK2 User Spotlight: Interview with Benjamin Pope of Koala Karvings

It’s been more than a year and a half since we launched the LongMill MK2. To capture valuable insights, we recently conducted updated interviews with our customers. In this interview, we spoke with Benjamin Pope from Koala Karvings. Join us as he shares his journey with CNC milling, highlights his experience with the LongMill MK2, and the opportunities it has unlocked for him.

Sienci Labs Presents: The LongMill MK2 CNC Beginners Kit

Introducing the Sienci Labs LongMill MK2 Beginners Kit—a complete package for an effortless CNC journey. The kit includes your preferred LongMill variant (30×30 or 48×30), a reliable Makita Router, a Dust Shoe for workspace cleanliness, an Autozero Touch Plate for precise zeroing, and a Starter End Mill Set for beginners. Plus, enjoy gSender software and lifelong technical support for guaranteed success.

Basics For CNC Beginners Series

New to CNC? Explore our Basics for Beginners series and master Vcarve from start to finish: document setup, toolpaths, previewing, saving, gSender interface, importing vectors, tracing images, and more. Become a CNC champion with essential skills and tips for a successful start!

Definitive Guide to Mounting Your Vortex Rotary Axis and First Moves

With assembly out of the way, it is time we mount the Vortex to the LongMill and take it out for a spin! In this video, we will cover how to set up your machine for maximum compatibility, create the mounting holes needed to secure the Vortex, and switch over to rotary mode for the first time! Sit tight as your Vortex will start spinning by the end of this video!

Cottage Country Sienci: Crafting a Paddle using the Tiling Technique on the LongMill MK2 CNC

Introducing Episode 2 of our captivating Cottage Country Sienci series! Dive deeper with us as we explore tiling techniques and the art of two-sided carving. By the end, you’ll be equipped to skillfully craft and customize your very own paddle for unforgettable paddling adventures.

Complete Guide to Unboxing and Assembling the Vortex Rotary Axis

Welcome to our comprehensive Vortex Rotary Axis assembly guide. In the following video, we’ll guide you through the gratifying journey of unboxing and precisely assembling your very own Vortex Rotary Axis. Let’s enthusiastically delve in, ensuring your Vortex Rotary Axis is primed and poised for optimal performance!

Everything You Need to Get for Starting CNCing With Your LongMill

Are you interested in starting your CNC journey but unsure where to begin? We have prepared a comprehensive video guide to help you kickstart your CNCing adventure. Discover the essential tools and equipment you need to get started with CNCing in our easy-to-follow tutorial.

Cottage Country Sienci: Elevate Your Custom Cornhole Board With the LongMill MK2 CNC

Welcome to the first episode of our Sienci Cottage Country series! In this captivating video, Scott will expertly guide you through crafting a lit cornhole board using the LongMill. This delightful game is tailor-made for quality moments with your youngsters at the cottage.

Building a Guitar on a CNC Part 6: Assembly

Time to SHRED X6! Welcome to the exciting conclusion of our epic guitar journey! We are thrilled to showcase the delightful process of assembling an actual, fully-functional custom guitar, crafted with precision using our LongMill MK2 CNC.